Find a More Favorable Payment Plan

Find a More Favorable Payment Plan

We practice loan modification law in Hackensack, NJ

When your mortgage payments become too much to handle, nobody wants it to end with foreclosure. The bank is more interested in having their loan paid back, and you don’t want to lose the home you love. When you receive repeated notices from the bank or notices of a sheriff sale, then talk to a lawyer in Hackensack, New Jersey about your options.

The Law Office of Robert L. Sweeney will look at your financial information and determine the best plan for you moving forward. We deal with all mortgage companies to find the relief you’re searching for. Call today to speak with a lawyer in Hackensack, NJ who deals with foreclosure and loan modifications.

Find the best solution to your mortgage problems

Once we’ve gathered your information, we talk with the mortgage company about your individual case to work out a repayment plan. Your options include:

  • Lowering the interest rate and/or monthly payment
  • Extending the time frame for payback
  • Deferring portions of balance owed

Learn more about mortgage modification law today—contact the Law Office of Robert L. Sweeney in Hackensack, NJ to discuss your mortgage options.